Dan Curtin

Dan Curtin has over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. He started his career as a personal trainer while acquiring degrees in Nutrition and Exercise Science at the University of California Santa Barbara. Dan became a believer in Systemic Enzymes in 2004 while recommending highly potent vegan-based enzyme products to his personal training clients. After years of improved healing and recovery with systemic enzymes in his personal and professional life, Dan decided to broaden his knowledge of enzymes for overall health by becoming part of the sales and education team at a highly reputable systemic enzyme manufacturer. His fields of expertise include hands-on training, public seminars, sales and marketing. Dan’s keen ability to teach healthcare providers and consumers alike, has improved thousands of people’s lives over his professional career.

Session Titles

Enzymes, “The Fountain of Youth”:Cardiovascular, Immune and Digestive Rejuvenation
Arthur Andrew Medical