Jay Wilkins

Jay Wilkins, is a naturopath and has been in the Health & Wellness Industry for 25+ years. He operated a fully staffed Wellness Center from 1993-2005 with a focus on electro-dermal screening, homeopathy, functional medicine, energy medicine, massage therapy, detox programs, non-invasive health screenings, herbal remedies, etc. In 2005 some most revolutionary data came across his desk: The 1998 Nobel Prize Winning research on Nitric Oxide (NO) nutrition! As a result he sold his practice and began “shouting from the rooftops” the benefits of nitric oxide. He began teaching Pulse Wave Analysis: a non-invasive vascular screening that indicates arterial constriction, congestion, stiffness and blockage and how over time specific nitric oxide nutrients can cause a reversal. In 2013, he created Bionox with his flagship nitric oxide nutraceutical, M3 Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition. He has been pioneering products that activate the body’s innate power to realize optimum health ever since.

Session Titles

Nitric Oxide: Your Body’s Best Medicine