Kristina Hall

Kristie Hall is the Founder and CMO of True Grace – a new brand of nutrient-dense supplements formulated to improve the health of body and planet for generations to come. Kristie’s passion for health and wellness grew from seeing first-hand the health challenges faced by her father, who battled metastatic prostate cancer for 2 years. Becoming a mother of two then further strengthened her passion for health, body, planet, and, most importantly, making her time on Earth really count. Kristie has deep-rooted expertise in the supplement and natural space fields. Before founding True Grace, she served as Editor in Chief at Delicious Living Magazine for 2 years where she built connections with many great companies in the industry along with incredible writers, practitioners, photographers, and editors who brought the magazine to life. Prior to that, she held various roles over a seven-year period at New Chapter, Inc. where she concluded her time at the company as Vice President of Sales, Canada. Earlier in her career, Kristie worked for Garden of Life and Standard Process Inc., building a great foundation in the dietary supplement industry. Before embarking on her professional journey, Kristie attended Arizona State University where she graduated with a B.S. in Marketing. Through her life experiences, Kristie saw the importance of addressing nutrient deficiencies through diet, which led her to the belief that the health of our bodies and the planet all starts with nutrient-dense soil and regenerative agriculture. It was upon this foundation that True Grace was built. Through True Grace, Kristie is dedicated to inspiring change and protecting the planet for future generations. Kristie currently resides in Pewaukee, Wisconsin with her husband Brian Hall, True Grace’s CEO, and two young children, Grace and Pierce. Kristie is a lover of fresh air, sunshine, and clean and healthy food and enjoys running, paddle boarding, swimming in local freshwater lakes, and tennis.

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The Only Difference Between Soil and Soul is You.


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