SENPA SPEAKS! AprilMay 2023

So much is going on in the association and our industry as well as SOHO EXPO is only 7 months away! Let me start with the outstanding SOHO HealthFest we just completed. It’s always so good to see our members in the Southwest. Our turnout was great and everyone seemed to enjoy the new venue…
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SENPA Speaks JanFeb Newsletter  SOHO Expo Edition Happy New Year my fellow retail warriors! Hopefully inventory went well, you are fully staffed, and you have geared up for our selling season!!! As a retailer of over 35 years I personally love when January rolls around. I take a minute to count my blessings as well…
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SENPA Speaks! October 2022

SENPA Speaks October Newsletter  SOHO Expo Edition We hope you had a wonderful summer!  As we head into fall/winter, we are very busy gearing up for SOHO Expo in December. This edition of SENPA Speaks gives YOU insight on our show sponsors, their companies and why they support you, the independent retailer and SOHO Expo.…
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Why Attend SOHO Expo as a Retailer?

Why Attend SOHO Expo as a Retailer?   SOHO Expo is a tradeshow where new products can be found, where education can be had, and where you can rest assured that your neighbors in their booths and the retailer picking product next to you are independent members of the industry you’ve come to love; they…
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At Lärabar, we believe real food should be 100% real, taste delicious and be satisfying. Lärabars are made with a simple blend of 2-9 real ingredients like fruits, nuts, spices – and sometimes delicious chocolate chips! Lärabar is always non-GMO and many of our products are gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free and Kosher. This commitment to…
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Small Scale E-Commerce Done Right

You don’t have to be a large business to have a successful e-commerce platform. There are many ways you can sell products online in a way that is cost effective and provides a high ROI as long as you do things the right way.  Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start.  Good…
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