Lori Bainum

Lori Bainum worked in the media industry for over 25 years in sales, management, strategic planning, and leadership. Her desire to pursue her ultimate spark in life moved her to leave the industry and start her own company supporting businesses with what she feels is the key to lasting results. She’s been doing that for almost 15 years. She discovered early on in her career that great ideas and plans go bust if we do not focus on who will be performing the tasks. It is quite common that people do not receive the guidance, development, training and coaching to help them live up to their potential. Lori appreciates everyone for what they offer, she brings a deep understanding and plan for best practices in dealing with each other in the workplace. She has worked with many individuals, teams, organizations, and industries for a diverse and varied background. Lori realized that self-awareness and the willingness to understanding others are key to our success. She has taken her experience and studied human behavior while becoming a certified coach. She is also certified in both DiSC and 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. Lori offers the ability to learn about yourself and your team by working with your own energy (what you bring to the situation.) Business consulting, executive coaching, team strengthening, communication effectiveness and learning to manage your energy state are all areas where she excels.

Session Titles

How to Connect, Not Just Communicate

Why I Want to Know Who I Am, You Are, and How we Commit to Real Results

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