Tina Smith

Hi, I'm Tina Smith. I'm the mis-Chief Executive Officer of Creative, LLC, a website agency getting outsized results for small businesses. I am the artist formerly known as a StoryBrand certified guide and live coach working with hundreds of businesses crafting messages that convert. I know small businesses change faster than a website gets designed. I realized business owners, content writers, and designers, needed a way to build and make adjustments to WordPress websites on the fly. That's why I decided to make complicated WordPress website stuff feel easy for all of us non-nerds in the herd. My team and I want every business owner, content writer, and designer to get your website projects across the finish line without googling away all your time. And once they’re launched, we believe your time and money are too precious of a resource not to produce an ROI. At Creative, we believe your business exists to solve problems for people who need you. We’re here to help you unlock the power of the work you’ve already done. So you can solve the right problems, grow good business, and get the online results you’ve always wanted.

Session Titles

The 5 Sections Every Retailer Needs on Their Website for Sales Growth
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