SENPA Speaks JanFeb Newsletter 
SOHO Expo Edition

Happy New Year my fellow retail warriors!
Hopefully inventory went well, you are fully staffed,
and you have geared up for our selling season!!! As
a retailer of over 35 years I personally love when
January rolls around. I take a minute to count my
blessings as well as I take a long and hard look at
how my store is running. We create new systems
where old ones no longer serve our needs and
really clean up those pesky “slow movers” to make
room for the new merchandise that we found at
the SOHO EXPO show this past December.
This brings me to ask YOU a question; Who is SENPA to you and your
business? Let’s start with all that comes with the $95.00
membership…click here to read full article.

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SENPA is a non-profit organization with a core focus on strengthening the success of independent natural retailers and aligned manufacturers, while nourishing their human connection with consumers. We are a leading voice, supporter and advocate for the natural-products industry, rooted in the experience of enhanced health and the power of personal relationships.

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