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If you haven’t heard, there is a new social media platform, which was officially released on July 5th, 2023. Within mere hours, 10 million people signed up for this new app; It is the fastest-growing app in history!


Threads is Instagram’s text-based app, created by Mark Zuckerburg and Adam Mosseri. Here is what Threads is and isn’t, compared to Twitter:

  • Only accessible on the mobile app
  • NO direct messaging (DM), hashtags, ads, editing, or customized alt text
  • ONE feed for people you follow and trending posts that are NOT in any chronological order
  • 500 character limit + links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes

Threads was designed to be a companion app to Instagram, with a particular emphasis on facilitating communication and sharing between a user’s existing following/follower list on Instagram. Why do we emphasize this? 


While social media platforms provide a powerful way to connect with others and share aspects of your company, there are several factors that can make it difficult to maintain authenticity:


The algorithms play a significant role in shaping the content that users see on social media platforms. They are designed to prioritize content that they believe will engage users the most and keep them on the platform longer. This often means that popular or viral content gets more visibility, while less engaging but potentially more authentic content may be pushed down in users’ feeds. As a result, authentic content may struggle to gain the same level of visibility and reach.


Echo chambers and filter bubbles are used by algorithms to personalize content based on a user’s past behavior and interests. This means that users are exposed to content that aligns with their existing beliefs and preferences. This can make it challenging for authentic content that challenges the status quo or presents alternative viewpoints to reach a broader audience.


Influencer Dominance: Social media algorithms often prioritize content from influencers or high-profile accounts with a large following. This can make it difficult for smaller creators or individuals to gain visibility, even if their content is more authentic and meaningful.


Lack of Context: Algorithms may not fully understand the context of certain content, leading to misunderstandings and potential misrepresentation. This can be problematic for businesses or individuals trying to communicate nuanced or authentic messages.


This is certainly not meant to discourage you from using social media for your company, however, we do encourage you to analyze your current efforts and be open to new possibilities


Can Threads empower businesses in the Natural Products Industry to thrive?


    1. We have a great opportunity to be an early adopter of a new app. The early stage of Threads’ adoption provides an advantageous window for smaller businesses to gain organic reach, as their posts may be promoted to a wider audience before larger brands dominate the platform.
    2. The heart of our industry is independent retailers and natural grocers who are supported by manufacturers, suppliers, and associations. By sharing regular updates on products, services, and company news, all of these parties can effectively reach their target audience and foster relationships within the industry. 
  • There are no ads!  This app allows companies and individuals alike to reach their audience 100% organically. (Seems fitting for our industry!)


Threads may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to cater to the authentic social media experience your following has been CRAVING. 


We hope to see you on the platform, be sure to say hello to us if you do decide it is the next step for your company!


Kailey Sidders

Freelance Social Media Manager

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