Why Attend SOHO Expo as a Retailer?

Why Attend SOHO Expo as a Retailer?


SOHO Expo is a tradeshow where new products can be found, where education can be had, and where you can rest assured that your neighbors in their booths and the retailer picking product next to you are independent members of the industry you’ve come to love; they are independent retailers… like you!


With over 50 years of being produced, SOHO Expo gives retailers the opportunity to meet with suppliers, manufacturers, exhibitors, industry experts, and other retailers and vice versa. Retailers can use the show as an opportunity to find new and innovative products, learn about the latest trends in their industry, and get ideas on how they can improve their business.


A retailer may not be able to attend all the events that are happening in their industry throughout the year. So it is important to choose an event that will provide the education you need, along with the opportunities to network with others in the industry and find the right products for your store. SOHO Expo provides just that! It is also easy to keep up to date with what’s happening by following our social media channels or subscribing to our newsletters.


Let us break it down for you:


If you are a retailer and you are considering attending Soho Expo, the first thing you should do is evaluate your return on investment. Attending any expo can be costly; travel, food, lodging, and transportation add up quickly.


Because we understand this and want to give back as much as we can, we offer the following returns on your investment in attending SOHO Expo:


  • 7 free meals ($350 value) *Sponsored meals are mentioned in the Speaker Lineup
  • Discounted Gaylord Palms room rate of $204
  • Additional hotel room rebate of $65 per night, bringing the room rate down to $139
  • Discounted parking of $22
  • Free education and meals with your membership – $95 (able to bring unlimited employees/staff with membership)


Remember, travel for business can be a tax-deductible option – check with your accountant to ensure this applies to your store!


2022 Speaker Lineup


Harold Lloyd– Author and featured speaker at the industry’s most popular events

*Friday breakfast and lunch sponsored by SENPA Summit Exclusive Sponsors


Tina Smith, mis-Chief Executive Officer- Creative, LLC


Lori Bainum– Media industry expert of over 25 years


Ryan Sensenbrenner, Retail marketer- Enzymedica, Inc (Infrastructure Chair for SENPA)


Lee Coe, President- Health Navigation, Inc.



Michael A. Smith, M.D., Director of Education and Spokesperson- Life Extension


Stuart Tomc, Vice President of Human Nutrition- CV SciencesÔ, makers of +PlusCBDÔ


Jeffrey Burke, National Educator- Irwin Naturals and Nature’s Secret


Dan Curtin– Health and wellness industry expert of over 15 years- Arthur Andrew Medical


Carl Germano, CNS, CDN- NY Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

*Saturday breakfast Sponsored by Bluebonnet


Terry Lemerond– Natural health expert with over 45 years of experience.

*Sunday breakfast sponsored by Terry Naturally


Helpful Information


  • Registration is open and very easy to navigate! The deadline for badges is November 18th so make sure you register before then.


  • To get our hotel discount, you MUST register through our website or call Gaylord Palms directly. The deadline to receive our show rate is November 8th.



  • Don’t forget to sign up for the 23rd Annual Golf Tournament, with the appearance of PGA Tour professional golfer, Chris DiMarco. This event is sponsored by Bionox USA.




Trade shows are not just about buying or selling goods, they offer a chance for retailers, exhibitors, suppliers, and manufacturers to network with companies and people who can help them in their business. Trade shows offer retailers a chance to develop new ideas and improve existing products which will help them in the long term. Join us at SOHO Expo in Orlando from December 1-4, 2022.



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