Why Independent Retailers Are Still A Mighty Force

As an independent retailer, it may feel like the little guys are in a losing battle. With the ever-increasing power of big box retailers and ecommerce giants, it can feel like you’re facing an uphill battle each and every day to stay relevant and competitive.

But, we’re here to say that the independent retailers are still very much a mighty force in our industry.

When we stand together, we can make a big impact. Yes, it is incredibly important to do your individual job to stay relevant, competitive and support your local community, however, when it comes to making changes that impact our industry as a whole, the power of the independents cannot be overstated.

This has happened multiple times in our industry’s history. From DSHEA, to MAP policy, to forming groups to get discounted prices, and so on. When the independent retailers unite and work together, we can accomplish a lot and our voices really do matter.

That’s why it’s so important to be a part of associations that support independent retailers like SENPA.

When things that impact your store arise, it’s important to have a group of likeminded people that can help along the way. We’re seeing this right now with NAC and hemp. Organizations like SENPA stay in the know and help communicate what’s going on in our industry to those involved. Our organization as well as organizations we’re aligned with have connections with lobbyists, congressmen, and the manufacturers themselves and can help be a voice for your store. And don’t forget, every voice counts. You are a voice for your store too!

There are thousands of independent natural products retailers in the country and when we unite, we can make a huge difference. If you haven’t already joined our movement, today is the day to become a member.

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SENPA is a non-profit organization with a core focus on strengthening the success of independent natural retailers and aligned manufacturers, while nourishing their human connection with consumers. We are a leading voice, supporter and advocate for the natural-products industry, rooted in the experience of enhanced health and the power of personal relationships.

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