Are You Making This Mistake On Your Website?

There’s a mistake that way too many websites make on their sites that could be costing them thousands of dollars in revenue. Adding a simple button to your website can make all the difference in the world when it comes to converting website visitors into customers.

What button do you ask? A call to action button. It’s a way for your customers to know how to do business with you online.

Think of your call to action button as your cash register. You wouldn’t hide your cash register in the back of your store. You put it front and center.

The same should go with your call to action button. Have it in the top right hand corner of your site. Have it placed throughout the homepage and on other pages. Make it easy for your website visitors to know how to do business with you. The harder they have to work, the less likely they will take action.

What Makes A Good Call To Action?

Your call to action button should be clear and show people what they’re getting when they click it. It should lead them to the primary way to do business with you and lead them to make a purchase.

In a recent review of successful Google ads, some of the top performing words were:

Here are some suggestions for your call to action button:
Shop Now. This is great for stores with e-commerce.
Get Directions. Send them to your store’s physical location if that’s your primary way of doing business. If you have multiple locations you could say “Find A Store.”
Book An Appointment
Get A Free Consultation (people love free things).

What To Avoid In A Call To Action

You want to avoid being ambiguous and vague. Make it clear that this is the next step to doing business with you.

Call To Action language to steer clear of:
– Learn More
– Contact Us
– Discover More
– Click Here

While customers may learn more about your business when they click on your call to action button, you don’t want to tell them that they’re going to need to learn more about your business to do business with you.

If you didn’t explain on your site what you do on your homepage, how you can solve their problems and make it super easy to do business with you, the likelihood that they’re going to want to learn more is slim.

At the end of the day, some button is better than no button, however, why not make it easy for your customers to do business with you?


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