2019 – Howard Wainer

As he is affectionally called “Howie” was born in Brooklyn and even though he left, he has remained a Brooklyn boy at heart. He is a born salesman, having worked for Women’s Wear Daily, as well as other magazines in different industries and even sold City bus advertising. He has so many stories to tell.

Howard moved to NJ to raise his family with his wife Sandy and daughter Heather. It was while living in NJ that he found the industry he would remain in for the rest of his career. He worked for Howmark Publishing, selling Health Foods Business Magazine along with Pet Dealer, as well as Army and Navy Magazine. But he knew the people in the Health Food Industry were different. They welcomed him, listened to him, called for his advice and appreciated his insights. He was not just a salesman; he was their consultant and friend. So, when Larry Hester offered him
an opportunity to be on his own and revitalize WholeFoods Magazine, Howie did not look back.

At the next trade show, when Howard showed up wearing a WholeFoods hat, he stunned all–but they jumped right on board knowing that he would make a difference. And that he did. It was not easy, but he was up to the task, with his family’s support. He rebuilt WholeFoods Magazine, making sure the retailers were always informed and educated so that they can run the best possible store. And he continued to consult, help others find jobs and do all he could do to help the readers and customers, as they were also his friends.

Howard continued to come up with new ideas to expand as the industry changed and WholeFoods changed with it. In 2000, Howie bought Larry out and became the sole owner of WholeFoods Magazine, along with his wife and daughter who also entered the business–a true family business like so many others in our industry. Now–almost 36 years later—“Howie” is semi-retired, but still takes an active role in the business and likes to see his old friends and the new friends Heather introduces him to, as well as continuing to work to help those in this industry he loves.