Florida Senate Passes S.B. 1020, Passes Hemp Legalization Onto Gov. DeSantis

The Florida State Senate voted today to approve S.B. 1020 as amended by the House and sent that bill onto Gov. DeSantis for a signature, who is expected to sign—beginning the final stages of approval for the industrial cultivation and application of hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoids such as CBD in Florida.

For those who sell, create, or otherwise engage in the emerging CBD market, this is the security they’ve been seeking. The text of the bill itself has language explicitly allowing the sale and use of foods, cosmetics, and CBD itself as non-adulterated substances, as well as establishing licensing and safety models to ensure that the supplement on the shelf is what it’s supposed to be.

The bill is largely based off model legislation drafted and supplied by the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, a staunch advocate for industrial hemp legalization in the United States. Other bills in other states such as Texas are also basing their legislative pushes on that model language, as we’ve told you about before.

As always, as news breaks, we’ll update you on the newest information on laws and regulations surrounding the industry.